Todd and Cathy discuss an article in Harpers Bazaar titled “Women aren’t nags, we’re just fed up” about emotional labor and the sensitivity surrounding this topic. They discuss how to have a productive conversation about what it really takes to manage a house, and why it’s not always true that men are “problem solvers” and women are “sensitive”. They discuss how they are challenged with this issue, how it’s easy to go on autopilot, and why this is an ongoing discussion and not a one-time conversation. They explain how this relates to gender issues overall and what we are all currently modeling for both our daughters and sons. If you find this discussion interesting, join Cathy+Todd for a one-time virtual class about civility and compassion (in the home and for the holidays), and why the way we talk to our loved ones extends into the world. Click here to register.

Time Stamps

:24- Discussion of the article- Harpers Bazaar titled “Women aren’t nags, we’re just fed up”

3:43 Discussion of the article Why do women get all attractive if they don’t want to be harassed? 

11:29 The Break Up Scene & discussion

35:17 Canvas People– Enter “zen” for your free 11″ X 14″ Canvas

46:22 The Break Up Scene II & discussion

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