Todd and Cathy discuss why it’s OK for kids to change their minds and try new things, and why it’s important for adults to do this, too. They discuss how self-awareness is essential, and how self-forgiveness and understanding are also essential because we will always be a mystery (the great paradox!). They discuss the offensive gesture during the world series, how they managed their daughter’s crying episode, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, cranial sacral holds, and some humor from Anchorman.

Time Stamps

0:00 Milck Announcement

4:30 Civil & Compassionate Communication Over The Holidays

7:10 Screening of The Mask You Live In Registration is here.  Trailer is here.

8:55 Taco town snl

11:55 Yu darvish response to racially insensitive gesture.

16:08 Rx bar- Go to and enter “zen” for 25% off upon checkout

18:20 Self-awareness paradox discussion.

26:25 Find the good in grief

28:00 Daughter melted down in the car and how to deal with it.

30:25 Anchor Man Scene (In a glass case of emotion)

32:52 Cranial sacral holds

39:20 Byron Katie “The Work” discussion

42:03 Canvas People Enter “Zen” for a free 11” X 14” canvas

42:50 It’s ok to quit (or let it go)

52:34 Never give up & always let go

56:54 The benefits of looking up at the stars

61:14 Trinity Family Law (Sponsor of Zen Parenting Conference)

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