Cathy and Todd discuss the power of #metoo (a hashtag for anyone who has been sexually harassed or assaulted) and why sharing stories and listening to each other paves the way for change. They also talk about the power of words and why inclusive language is not just about being politically correct, it’s about growth and understanding. They discuss software that allows parents to see how their children are doing throughout the school day, why children hold in painful secrets, and why Cathy won’t share her water bottle.

Show Notes/Time Stamps

1:06 Cathy story about kids withholding

7:45 Auto insurance for our teenage children

10:40 Boyscouts of America announcements regarding girls

12:58 Cathy’s floaties problem

15:09 #Metoo

27:35 Hello Fresh Partnership Type in “zen30” for $30.00 off your first delivery

28:58 Todd’s “I’m glad I’m not a girl” story

41:08 Difference between husband/wife vs “friend”

45:50 Canvas People Enter “zen” to receive an 11″ x 14″ canvas to get your free canvas

47:45 “Class Dojo” discussion

54:32 Good Newspaper

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