Cathy and Todd discuss The Smartphone Generation vs. Free Speech  by Jean M. Twenge about the millennial generation (otherwise known as iGen) and why they are different. They discuss how they were raised, how they think, and why they understand emotional risk more than physical risk. They also discuss They also discuss Brene Brown’s new release, Braving the Wilderness, and how it focuses on stepping out and speaking up, and how we can answer questions with civility rather than mistrust and disdain. They talk about how we can support our kids without being permissive, how we can teach our daughters to trust themselves, and why the Jedi know how to fight hate with light.

Show Notes/Time Stamps

5:40 Todd struggles on whether or not to “support” his 14 year old in an awkward social situation.


18:04 Dad’s rules for dating his daughter

28:27 The Smartphone Generation vs. Free Speech

61:08 Wow Summit ’17 – Empowering moms raise happy healthy families

Resources/Videos used on today’s show

This dad’s ‘rules’ for dating his daughters are perfect for 2017.– by Evan Porter

The Smartphone Generation vs. Free Speech by Jean M. Twenge


Foster Care & Adoption: Children are Waiting- Podcast #354

Wow Moms Summit

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