Do you find yourself agonizing over the past or worrying about what could happen in the future?  Do you wish you could be more present for your children instead of always thinking about “what if”?  You are not alone.  Listen as Todd and Cathy discuss what it means to be here now and how to practice mindfulness in our everyday parenting experiences.

Parenting Resource of the week – Kandle Kidswear ( – a local and sustainable company using American Apparel organic shirts and sew on appliques made from recycled plastic bottles – cute and fun shirts for kids.

Movie line –

“Give me my Firebird keys.”

“You must chill.  You must chill.  I have hidden your Keys…   Chil!l”

“I love you man.”

“Allright, I love you too.  go to sleep.”

“We’re full on buds.”