Todd and Cathy discuss the pressure children feel around homework and how we can support them rather than increase their anxiety. They process the meaning of inner disarmerment and why this individual practice will lead to a change in our immediate surroundings and world (outer disarmerment). They also discuss Mr. Mom, the Rocky movies, and Todds new coaching education.

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Our Whole Village– Our mission is to empower parents to raise mindful and globally responsible kids by connecting families with the world, its people and cultures.  Be sure to like their facebook page as well.


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Zen Gets Real 2016 Conference tickets are now on sale.

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What is the Lets Get Real Monthly Series?

An opportunity to listen and ask questions about the things that really matter in a safe and enjoyable environment. Make it a date night with your spouse or your friends and go home feeling inspired.

$20 per person. If you come as a couple, use coupon code lgrcouple for a 10% discount.

The Lets Get Real Series will be every month until the Zen Parenting Lets Get Real Conference March, 2016.



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Todd has a few spots opening for The TribeMens Group.Email me @ comments@zenparentingradio.com

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Tree of Life Chiropractic Care have some interesting workshops planned.

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