What’s the difference between punishment, discipline, and natural consequences?  We discuss a few different events that happened in our house that allowed for natural consequences.  Rather than using fear to punish, natural consequences help children understand and integrate a teaching.
We also discuss cell phone usage – specifically:

  • What is the correct age to give your access to a phone?
  • What conditions should be put on it?
  • Are we telling our children that we don’t trust them if we ask them to look through all their messages?

There was a story in the Chicago Tribune about a middle school that had to deal with sexting.  We discuss the different technologies surrounding kids and their phones.  

Our guest Dr. Shefali Tsabary is about to rocket into the Oprah stratosphere.  She’ll be on Oprah’s Soul Series and Life Class on Sunday, May 18th.  Time to set your DVR’s.

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