When I do the annual job of washing the windows in my house, I always say without exception, “I never realized they were that dirty.”  I can now see how green the trees are, how blue the sky is. We see the world through our own filter.  Our soul needs to to be cleaned as well by doing things such as reading books, working with a therapist, meditating, taking a mindful walk, etc.  These are all actions that can give us a better perception of the world.

Conversely—if you are filling your thoughts/heart with negative things, that is the world that you will see.  If we can all make this shift, our lives will be happier because of it.  We share some resources that may help including Mark Nope’s “Book of Awakening” , Gary Chapman’s “5 Love Languages” and the documentary Man on Wire (trailer is below).

In the second half of our show (22:48 mark) – I go over 11 mistakes I have made in my 11 years of being a husband.  We discuss each one and share some stories.  They are (in no particular order):

  1. I made up for my ineptitude with grand gestures.
  2. I spoke a different language.
  3. I fixed her problems.
  4. I thought we were the same.
  5. I let her pass me by.
  6. I did not put her on the calendar
  7. I thought we were supposed to grow together.
  8. I let things roll off my back.
  9. I talked down to her in the presence of others.
  10. I made a big deal when I did something nice.
  11. I didn’t fight fair.

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