Among the topics of todays podcast:
We discuss a blog title “Is Disney TV poisoning our kids”?  Some people thinks so.  Some shows are OK, whereas others are just not good for your kids to be watching. Where’s the balance between prohibiting certain shows for your kids and letting them figure out for themselves what is good/bad and then having a discussion about the shows.  We contrast the “perfection” of the female actresses of Disney TV vs. what was popular in our day such as the girls on Facts of Life or even current shows such as Modern Family.  The blog can be found here

The badness of the cartoon “Might Mouse” and the goodness of Captain Caveman.  See clips below-

Lastly Santa pays a visit to ZPR.  What can I say, it’s one of the more interesting interviews we have done.  Santa shows up @ the 34:37 mark in the show.

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