The theme for this week is forgiveness (big and small) and heroes.  Cathy and Todd talk about a  mugger who apologized to his victim on facebook…35 years later. In the spirit of the holiday season they discuss other forms of forgiveness – to ourselves and others. They illustrate this with the story of the two monks. and they also talk a lot about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

As we age, our heroes evolve – Todd’s hero growing up was Walter Payton, but now he is in awe of others such as Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and a man named Chuck Feeney. The story about their philanthropic efforts can be found here.  We also discuss Nelson Mandela and Malala.

» Read more about the apologetic mugger  here.
» Read more about the two monks here.

The documentary called The One percent is mentioned in which Jamie Johnson exposes the life of an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

We also dedicate the show to the life and memory of Nelson Mandela.  He is honored in part in this music video from U2

We have arranged for a screening of the documentary “Girl Rising” in Lombard.  Click here to purchase your tickets as there going quickly.  The trailer is below.

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