What can Taylor Swift teach our daughters?  3 more things every parent should know  Hunger Games Camp- Good idea or bad idea?

Time Stamp

1:39 Taylor Swift Concert Review

5:14 Men/Boy perspective on music

10:05 Habit #9 The secret to parenting is knowing when to let go

14:30 Habit #10 Trust yourself, you’re the expert on your child

16:20 When people dump their fear upon you

17:35 Stories Todd hears about what will happen when his daughters become teenagers

20:20 When kids begin separating from you

23:48 Todd’s secret to being more present with his kids

25:30 A Beginners Mind- looking at the world through the eyes of a child

27:45 Habit #11 Taking the long view (Don’t sweat the small stuff)

32:13 Hunger Games Camp- Good or Bad?

36:50 Debate on competition

43:02 Tournament of Bad

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