We discuss how feeling “bad”, whether it’s emotional or physical, is actually not so bad.

Should grief be a diagnosable disorder or is it normal human emotion?

Movie quotes from Airplane, Talladega Nights, and Billy Madison

Talking about patience as a virtue and Todd Todd sings “Patience” (G n Roses a cappella)

Time Stamp

.30 Looking at your kids illness differently

1:58 11 Things I wish every parent knew by Stephen Cowan

2:24 A symptom is the body’s way of letting us know something has to change

9:30 The craziness of the temperature fluctuations of a pregnant woman

12:45 The gift of pain

15:30 Grief is a diagnosable disorder?

18:00 Free Parenting presentation on Monday, August 12th

21:10 Be Prepared and put your children in a position to succeed

24:15 Our daughters like to impersonate Cathy- our kids are absorbing everything (positive and negative) that’s going on around them

26:26 Anger is a second tier emotion

28:36 Gary Zukav interpretation on anger

31:53 Be prepared and be patient with your illness

33:20 Differences ways we can view physical and mental illness (NAMI) 

39:20 Tournament of Bad

42:45 Bis Markie a capella via Todd

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