The Science of happiness, fathers who expect more from their sons, and using medical marijuana for sick kids

We discuss two videos regarding the science of happiness:

4:24 The Science of Happiness

7:41 Showing gratitude is one of the keys to happiness (Soul Pancake Video)

8:45 Different ways to show gratitude without the guilt

9:30 Bon Jovi Concert Review

11:27 Tom Shadyac– Figure out what you do best and make that your way of giving back

13:38- We address the critics who say it’s not worth anything unless we “struggle”

16:30- Understanding yourself to make yourself a better person

18:16 Ted Talks – The science of happiness discussion

21:27 Cathy’s blog-  Happiness vs Joy 

26:41 Notes from the Universe Resource

29:11 Fathers who expect more from their son and treat their daughter as a princess

37:50 Glee” Star dies

40:20 Parents using medical marijuana for their sick kids

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