The word you need to incorporate into your parenting- “WAIT”.  On todays show we discuss the following blog which can be found here.

An excerpt from this blog… Parents need to slow down, stop comparing, and wait. This word, “wait,” is used too rarely in today’s frenetic lifestyle. Magda Gerber, a renowned child therapist and infant specialist, considered waiting to be a fundamental part of her child care philosophy. Parents don’t wait for their babies and children often enough, since we’re always in a mad rush for them to achieve, perform, and do us proud.

By waiting for children to accomplish things in their own time, we acknowledge that each child has their own “unique developmental timetable.” Janet Lansbury explains the different ways in which parents should wait for their children. Here are some of her tips:

  • Wait for development. “Readiness is when they do it,”
  • Wait before interrupting. Allow your child to become an independent self-learner.
  • Wait for problem solving. Children are capable of doing many things on their own.
  • Wait for discovery. “When you teach a child something, you take away forever his chance of discovering it for himself.” (Jean Paiget)
  • Wait for feelings to be expressed. Allow the child to process them before we react to our own emotions.

We also talk about how we dealt when one of our children had their first experience with failure by not making the traveling soccer team.

Girl Rising is a documentary about girls in other countries that fight for the rights that we take for granted in this country.  It will be showed @ Old Orchard on Monday, July 22nd at 5pm.  A preview can be found here  If you’re interested in having a screening close to you, Text “Rise” 55155 to get more information to bring to your local theater.

We give our review on two different movies “Monsters University” and “This is the End”

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