This week Cathy and Todd focus on two things: Emotional Intelligence and Summertime Blues. What is the importance of raising emotionally intelligent boys? They are offering a class for 5th grades (10 boys/10 girls) and the girls filled up almost immediately.  The boys have been more of a challenge to recruit.  They discuss why, and they specifically cite Cathy’s latest blog about why we need to let our sons feel.

They talk about their 5 year old who decided she didn’t want to play in her soccer game over the weekend.  There are many different ways this could be handled, and Cathy and Todd definitely have different perspectives.  How would you handle it?

It’s time for the kids to go to camp, but they don’t want to go.  Could it be Summertime Blues? Todd and Cathy discuss how to empower the kids so they want to go rather than making them feel shame and guilt.

They also discuss why parents who are divorcing or separated should never speak negatively about each other.  This is an important way to protect your child from unnecessary pain.

Finally, Todd is all bent out of shape when Jacey wants to wear glasses as an accessory (she doesn’t need them), but Cathy doesn’t care.  Why does this bother Todd? Would it bother you?

In the Tournament of Bad Todd takes issue with seagulls in the Walmart Parking Lot, the dreariness of the post office, and littering.