Cathy and Todd introduce you to their new program titled Be U: Helping 5th graders become emotionally intelligent leaders. Kids are always being told to focus on their IQ, but what about their Emotional Intelligence?  Do they know their value and importance? Do they know how to work with others? Do they know how to manage their emotions?  This 6 session program (offered in Elmhurst, IL) targets 5th graders to help them feel grounded in who they are before they head off to middle school.  If you live in the are and you are interested in learning more about your child’s emotional intelligence, email

Also, do you ever find yourself saying, “They say this is the best one.” or, “They say you shouldn’t do that.”  Who is “they” anyway?  Is it one article, a team of experts, or an opinionated neighbor?  Do we just do what others tell us to do or do we use common sense and tap into what feels right?  Cathy and Todd discuss the “they” phenomenon, and why people give their power away and/or forget to trust themselves.

Plus they discuss Bruce Lipton’s Biology of Belief, why Chicago fans are the greatest, and why Cathy gets frustrated when Todd says he is “in charge” of the girls, but then heads outside to mow the lawn.