Is it naïve to be positive, or is it naïve to be negative?

This is the question surrounding the short video entitled “This is Water”, an audio from author David Foster Wallace’s commencement speech.  It’s backed up by meaningful and thought provoking video, reminding us to consider that if we view the world differently, we can change our own reality.  Cathy and Todd discuss the common “monotony” of an adult day, and how we can make choices to live a more beautiful life, and recognize that we are indeed smack dab in the middle of the “good old days”

Have your kids watched Star Wars yet?  Cathy and Todd discuss the appropriate age to watch this classic movie, and why you should talk to your kids about the plot and characters beforehand.  They also discuss their 5 year old’s recent restaurant meltdown, one of their favorite movie clips about “choice”, and why they love Andy Bernard from The Office.