Jason Collins comes out as the first openly gay current NBA star.  We discuss why this will help our culture to continue to evolve to be one of inclusiveness instead of one of exclusion.  We also talk how this will positively affect all young boys and girls who are gay now might be able to look at this situation and imagine possibilities of their own life that were otherwise more difficult to see.  We discuss Senator Rob Portman from Ohio changing his position on gay marriage after his son came out.  Cathy tells a story of some reformed skinheads that she saw on a follow up show of The Oprah Winfrey Show

I bring some information of why it might not matter where your kids go to college.  As parents, we labor over our kids studies on a daily basis.  I relay an interview I heard on NPR’s Planet Money where they interview Charles Wheelan author of Naked Statistics.  In it the author discusses why where you go to college may have less importance than originally thought.  This created a platform for Cathy and I to discuss other things we can focus on in addition to academics as well as what the definition of success might actually be.

Lastly- I tell a story over the weekend of how my two older daughters disappointed me and how I may have had as much responsibility as they did.

We also give our entries into the new segment- Bad 80’s songs as well as the Tournament of Bad