How exactly are we teaching our sons “to be a man”?  Have you ever used the phrase- “You throw like a girl.” Most have and we explain why it’s the little things that add up to make your son less of a man and create your sons’ overall perception of women.  1 in 5 women in America will report that they were sexually assaulted.  We discuss Colin Stokes Ted Talk regarding the movies we watch and how it influences our children.  We also follow up on last week’s podcast of the discussion surrounding the flu.   Lastly- most kids are “squeaky wheels”, but some seem not to ask for attention as much as others.  Cathy tells her story of how one of her kids fits this profile and what she can do about it.

Cathy also offers her second in a series of “virtual retreats”.  This one is titled, “Peace in the home”  In it she’ll give tools to ensure a calmer and more easy-going environment for you and your kids.