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Welcome to our Zen Parenting Podcast. For over 10 years we've shared our life experiences and lessons as a parent, a spouse, and a fellow human.  Every podcast episode is a reminder to wake up to our lives; to be ever more mindful, self-aware, and compassionate in how we parent and how we treat ourselves and others.   We show up as our authentic selves and incorporate what we love—music, movies and humor—in our conversations about spiritual growth, emotional intelligence and compassion—to make our relationships around us more connected, and our world more compassionate.  We hope you enjoy!    ~Cathy and Todd Adams

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The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding

Cathy + Todd Adams

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Fault & Responsibility

Todd and Cathy share some of the touching and funny Superbowl commercials, and they discuss a video of Will Smith explaining why fault and responsibility are two different things. Cathy shares some of her favorite self-compassion quotes, and they discuss why some quotes wake us up.

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Fault & Responsibility Zen Parenting Podcast Episode #418

Cathy's Favorite

Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat

Cathy and Todd share a letter from a listener whose son discovers himself through dance, and how this discovery leads to self-aware parenting. It’s an inspirational and emotional story about how to create a connected relationship with your child.  Cathy and Todd also discuss Pixar’s Inside Out. 

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Fault & Responsibility Zen Parenting Podcast Episode #418

Todd's Favorite

Pink Floyd + Conscious Parenting

Mother do you think they’ll drop the bomb?  That’s the first line in this epic song.  We disect the lyrics and use it to help understand conscious parenting. Roger Water’s song points out we can have the best intentions when “protecting” our children, but if done with a lack of self-awareness, it can backfire.

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Self Conscious Parenting Zen Parenting Podcast Episode #418

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7 Must-Listen Parenting Podcasts

Hosted by the husband and wife self help and spirituality super duo of Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams. For every heady topic like “Equal Justice And Quantum Entanglement,” there’s something a little closer to the “things you’ll actually understand” end of the spectrum — like “Who Lies More, Men or Women?” (spoiler: it’s women). The Adams’ approach is one part emotional/spiritual, one part analytical/logical, and the dynamic between the 2 of them frequently produces legitimate insights on the modern parenting condition. Also, they have really, really soothing voices.

15 Great Parenting Podcasts

Though the name implies a new age feel, Zen Parenting is easily relatable for any parent. The idea behind the show is that parents who have self-realization will be better for their kids. Cathy Cassani Adams and Todd Adams are the married hosts who balance each other out. She is the emotional core while he is the logical view. Topics include how to deal with pain, why words and images matter, and staying internally peaceful to promote peaceful behavior on the outside. Though some of the topics go deeper into emotional analysis than most of us usually venture, they are tempered with topics that are informative without being over analytical. Tune in and get your Zen on with these very compatible hosts.

I spied an article on great podcasts for parents and picked up my phone and subscribed to the one that caught my eye, Zen Parenting Radio. I listened to the episode they recommend, “Listen, Allow, Support, Repeat“… Wow. Talk about absolutely everything I want to be as a parent wrapped up neatly in an incredibly captivating story. Be prepared, you will tear up. You will also be inspired and, if you’re anything like me, will become an instant convert to the awesome parenting experts behind the podcast. Go check it out the next time you’re folding laundry. You won’t be sorry.

Top Ten Podcasts for Balanced Parents

This show is the ultimate show for parents seeking more balance in their lives. While it's billed as a parenting show, they talk about all of the other things that influence our parenting: Relationships, self-care, friendships, and who you are. It's hosted by a couple that are fun to listen to as they discuss parenting with presence and respect. One of the hosts, Cathy Adams, says of her show, "Our tagline for the show is The best predictor of a child’s well-being is a parent’s self-understanding, so we focus on self-awareness, empathy, mindfulness, and humor (and we throw in a lot of pop culture…). Our kids learn by watching how we live, not by listening to what we say - so if we take care of ourselves, others, and choose to be a force for good, our kids will learn to do the same.

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Every so often Cathy and Todd do an interview with someone they find extraordinary - they call these podcasts Conversations with People We Love because they are inspired by their work and excited to share their message.

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Turning mundane into inspiring!
SanDiegoMomJen, USA

Zen Parenting Radio has changed my day to day life. The mundane and sometimes frustrating tasks of the day have become productive and thought-provoking. Now I look forward to folding laundry or my commute so I can listen to Todd and Cathy. They are authentic, funny and a wealth of information and resources. As I am encouraged through Zen Parenting to become a more self-aware person, I already see the positive impacts in my parenting, marriage, and relationships. I never thought I would wish my commute was longer.

Game Changer
Rose, USA

Todd and Cathy's approach to mindfulness and conscious parenting is both refreshing and humble. They help parents gain insightful information through self-discovery, humility, and without judgment. You leave a podcast feeling inspired and positive, versus shamed and less than. Their genuine love for another, their children, and the community at large is a welcome change. This podcast is a must. A true game changer.

Hands down my favorite podcast!
Lily S., USA

Todd and Cathy are right that listening to Zen Parenting Radio will make you feel outstanding! I just love Todd and Cathy and listening to Zen Parenting Radio always brings a smile to my face. The way they parent and live life is so in alignment with my own values and listening to Zen Parenting Radio this past year has made me a better mother, wife, school psychologist, and human being. Listening also helps restore my views on humanity when life gets me down. It also makes me feel less alone and recommitted to my desire/intention of being an aware parent. As an aside, I love Cathys books and have read all 3 and they are amazing. I have turned friends on and one even began listening before she got pregnant and it is a joy to get to share our love for Todd and Cathy and Zen Parenting Radio.

Enlightening podcast
Grateful parent in Colorado

Cathy and Todd, First I would like to thank you for your work. I found ZPR a year ago at just the right time. I am sorting through what I want to keep in my parenting and what I want to move away from. Your show has opened a whole new approach to living and parenting that feels like "moving toward the light". For this, I am forever grateful. Thank you for the light you bring to the world.

Zen Parenting Radio

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