*** This is not a podcast post, it’s simply a quick blog update on ZPR

Todd walks in at 7:45 pm after three-full-days of travel and says, “Let’s go tape the Friday show” – we haven’t talked, he hasn’t seen the kids, and it’s beautiful outside. That certainly doesn’t feel right to me.
Before he got home I was thinking that we should have “summer hours”, figure out a way to be as “summery” as possible rather than try to fit it all in. When we are fitting it all in, hours/days/months seem to blend together – blah.
I don’t want blend, I want summer. But I keep trying to spin all the regular plates while attempting to enjoy these no-school days.
And then things get in the way and decisions have to be made. Last week we didn’t do a Friday show because of my headache and Todd’s work, but this time it’s because we are going to see Tony Robbins tomorrow (bucket list, tickets bought 6 months ago).
If we “work hard enough”, we can get a show done late at night, wake up super early, or come home early from Tony Robbins/a party/a bbq/insert-anything that-is-not-work-related.
But that doesn’t feel “summery” to me.
So, no worries, we are deeply committed to a Tuesday show (we’ve never missed one in 5 years!), but this summer, we are going to play it by ear with the Friday show. I want July and August to feel a little different than September and October, and to make it feel different, we have to make different choices.
And tonight we chose to talk outside.
Then Todd, Jacey, and Sky went on a nighttime bike ride.
I read a book in my fave chair, now I’m writing this, next I’m going to go hang with Cam, and then go watch 30 Rock. Makes me smile even thinking about it.
Happy Summer everybody! We will talk to you again on Tuesday! We will eventually get back to our Friday show, but only through joy, not through force.
Thanks for your understanding, and I hope you, too, are enjoying a more summerish state of mind. xo